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Faculty of chemistry, biology and earth sciences

Environmental Geography (M.Sc. Programme)

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Admission & Application

We welcome applications from graduates who are interested in exploring the patterns and processes of environmental change, who have a strong commitment to Physical Geography, and who are motivated to undertake rigorous training. Please have a close look at the requirements because you need a strong background in Physical Geography.

The application for winter semester 2023/24 is closed. The intake for the winter semester 2024/25 opens in March 2024.

Please be aware that the University of Bayreuth does not provide any scholarships. You have to ensure your funding! Except from administration fees the program is free. Nevertheless, you have to cover partly costs of field courses.

International students who need a visa should start organizing formalities timely!

Your application can only be processed and considered if submitted via CampusOnline.

A detailed list of things required for application is available here. For the transparency of application process, please also refer to the section on how your application will be rated.

Webmaster: Univ.Prof.Dr. Cyrus Samimi

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