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Environmental Geography (M.Sc. Programme)

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Research Activities

Field trip to Namibia, September 2018

The students who started with the M.Sc. Programme Environmental Geography in October 2017 had the chance to experience research first hand in Namibia. The focus of the excursion was on the Namibian land tenure system, the country's land use as well as land cover and land management. Starting in the capital Windhoek, the main part of the research was conducted in the North-Eastern part of Namibia, in the Zambezi region. 

In the Wuparo Conservancy, the students went into the field to determine plants for ground-truthing, conducted interviews with the local population and studied the impacts of human-wildlife conflicts. On a farm close to the city Grootfontein, the students also got some insights into commercial farming, a widespread form of land use in Namibia. 

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