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Environmental Geography (M.Sc. Programme)

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Is a German language profiency required to apply for the M.Sc. Programme?

Although all courses are taught in English, we believe that the ability to speak basic German simplifies your everyday activities. It is thus mandatory to submit a German language certificate equivalent to the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages until the end of the 2nd semester at latest.

Are there possibilities to take German language classes?

Yes. The Language Center (Sprachenzentrum) at UBT offers German courses and a variety of other languages. Check out their courses here.

How much are the tuition fees per semester?

The University of Bayreuth charges no tuition fees. Only a student fee of € 103 per semester must be paid. The tuition fee includes a ticket for local public transport and entitles you to reduced prices at the University’s canteen.

When are the application deadlines?

Applications end on June 15 for the following winter semester which starts in October.

When does the M.Sc. Programme start?

Programme entry is restricted to winter semesters. Official starts of the winter semesters are in October on changing days.

Are there opportunities for scholarships and study grants?

International students may apply for an educational grant at UBT’s International Office. For a detailed description on scholar opportunities, please visit their website.

Does my academic background suit the requisites of the M.Sc. Programme?

The study programme addresses students with a strong commitment to physical geography and environmental sciences. Bachelor degrees in the following study programs could provide for acceptance to the M.Sc. Program: Geography, Geoecology, Hydrology, Biology, Meteorology, Environmental Physics, Landscape Ecology, Environmental Informatics, Geomatics, Forestry, Agricultural Sciences or an equivalent degree. Also students with backgrounds in social sciences with interest and basic knowledge in physical geography may be accepted. However, students are selected via a standardized aptitude assessment procedure that meets the highest international criteria.

Where is Bayreuth, and what can I do there in my leisure time?

Bayreuth is the capital of the Upper Franconia (Oberfranken), a picturesque region located in the Free State of Bavaria, Germany. It is also the home of the classical music composer Richard Wagner and the correspondent world-famous festival. Owing to over 12.000 students at UBT – many of them from foreign countries, Bayreuth hosts a fairly active nightlife and many recreational opportunities for young people. Just in distance are the ‘Fränkische Schweiz’ (Franconian Switzerland) and the Fichtel Mountains, which are great spots for outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking, skiing (well, at least sometimes), road and mountain biking, or kayaking.

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