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Faculty of chemistry, biology and earth sciences

Environmental Geography (M.Sc. Programme)

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Studying at UBT

The University of Bayreuth is currently rated among the top young universities according to the Times Higher Education (THE) global ranking ‘150 under 50‘. This ranking focuses on the top 150 universities worldwide founded less than 50 years ago. As a medium-sized campus university, we place less emphasis on growth and more on ensuring the highest quality of our infrastructure. In doing so, the University of Bayreuth focuses on the areas of emphasis in the various disciplines and on developing a range of interdisciplinary links that ensure it a place among the best universities internationally. Environmental Research has a long‐standing tradition in Bayreuth. About 25 research groups are organized in the Bayreuth Center of Ecology and Environmental Research (BayCEER), which provides unique opportunities for national and international students.

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