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Environmental Geography (M.Sc. Programme)

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Why Environmental Geography?

Environmental changes at any scale, from global to local, are of crucial importance for life on planet Earth. In addition to climate change, current challenges include changes in biodiversity, soil degradation and increases in mass movements. Often, the dynamics of such environmental processes require an understanding of the spatial and temporal couplings between the atmosphere, biosphere, relief sphere, pedosphere, and hydrosphere. In addition, the interaction of these processes with human activities is an important factor.

Physical geography – as an interdisciplinary field with a marked focus on the relation of environment and society  – is among the core discplines addressing and examining these environmental changes. In this Master's Programme, you will have the chance to take part in current research activities and will receive training in a vast number of methods that are applied in the field of Geography. An internship is obligatory in this course - therefore, you will also learn to apply your academic knowledge in real life.

The new M.Sc. programme ‘Environmental Geography’ at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, addresses students who want to

  • obtain knowledge about the dynamics of environmental processes,
  • acquire the analytical skills to assess human impacts on landforms and natural cycles,
  • go into the field and make first-hand experiences with research
  • and to benefit from an place of study that is strong in research, welcoming, and international.

For further details on M.Sc. programme, please see our study programme.

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