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Faculty of chemistry, biology and earth sciences

Environmental Geography (M.Sc. Programme)

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The ongoing trend of global environmental change, depletion of resources, and the social perception of these developments are leading to an increased political and economic focus on topics relating to the environment and sustainability.

Therefore, experts with research- and practice-oriented training in the environmental sciences are highly demanded. Students graduating from the M.Sc. Programme Environmental Geography are thus prepared for a broad range of career opportunities in the private and public sectors. Possible fields of activity include:

  • regional and urban planning
  • nature conservation
  • environmental planning and consulting
  • laboratory-based environmental analysis
  • science and research
  • geoinformation services
  • development cooperation
  • and many more.

Personal Experiences of graduate students


"After graduating from the M.Sc. Programme Environmental Geography, I am now working in an explosive ordenance clearing service. Mostly, we get requests from construction companies or architectural offices to search and clear the ground of construction sites for explosives from WWII such as ammunition, granades - in most cases large caliber aerial bombs. 

First, we try to find bomb craters and duds using allied aerial images from 1944/45. Then, we scan the ground with passive ferromagnetic sensors or drill with excavators and measure the profiles. In the end, we create a map with clear and non-clear areas. If we find some remaining bombs or explosives, we retrieve them and hand them over to the disposal services of the respective federal state.

I am mainly working as a project manager and as an expert for GIS and remote sensing. This means, I have to evaluate data (magnetic profiles, surface measurements and aerial images) and write reports. Furthermore, I coordinate our field staff and I am the contact person for our clients."

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